Thursday, December 12, 2019

Kraken: $75 Device Will Get You Into Crypto Hardware Wallet KeepKey

Kraken Security Labs said crypto hardware wallet KeepKey is not doing enough to protect customers from physical attacks, saying it was able to get...

Square Crypto Bankrolls Star Lightning Developer Known as ‘ZmnSCPxj’

Keeping in the cypherpunk spirit, Square Crypto has issued a grant to pseudonymous developer ZmnSCPxj for Lightning and bitcoin research. Source: Coindesk Link: Square Crypto Bankrolls...

MARKET DAILY: Nike and the ECB Are Thinking With Tokens

With markets continuing their slide, today we're looking at NIke's recent tokenized shoe patent and the ECB's digital currency discussions. Later, we're joined...

D-Wave and NEC Partner to Create ‘Hybrid’ Quantum Applications

Supercomputer giant NEC is teaming up with a quantum computer manufacturer to create practical applications for the cutting-edge tech. Source: Coindesk Link: D-Wave and NEC Partner...

Ethereum Builder ConsenSys Shutters India and Philippines Operations

ConsenSys, the ethereum blockchain development company with hubs around the globe, has shut down key operations in India and the Philippines. Source: Coindesk Link: Ethereum Builder...

France’s New ‘Napoleon Bitcoin Fund’ Is Tied to CME’s Cash-Settled Futures

French asset management firm Napoleon AM has launched a new fund tied to CME's cash-settled bitcoin futures. Source: Coindesk Link: France’s New ‘Napoleon Bitcoin Fund’ Is...

Ripple’s Revamped Xpring Platform Looks to Boost XRP Development

Developers using the platform now have a place to manage and monitor transactions. Source: Coindesk Link: Ripple’s Revamped Xpring Platform Looks to Boost XRP Development

FinCEN Sees Jump in Crypto-Related Suspicious Activity Reports

Crypto companies have filed 7,100 Suspicious Activity Reports since May, America’s anti-money-laundering chief said at a banking conference Tuesday. Source: Coindesk Link: FinCEN Sees Jump in...

Blockchain Faces Big Challenges But the Opportunity Is Enormous

Western economies can lead the world by embracing decentralization and the Internet-of-Value. Source: Coindesk Link: Blockchain Faces Big Challenges But the Opportunity Is Enormous

Russia’s Power Grid Company Tests Blockchain for Power Meter Data

Russia’s national power grid company Rosseti is testing a system for electricity bill payments based on a distributed ledger by Waves. Source: Coindesk Link: Russia’s Power...

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