DataTrading brings its own revolutionary vision on the trade forecasting. In order to make the predictions as accurate as possible and to bring them to a new qualitative level, the company made the decision to integrate Artificial Intelligence into its infrastructure. Nowadays each trader who joins DataTrading gets a unique opportunity to use the models entirely based on neural networks and machine learning.

DataTrading already gathers a team of professionals in Fintech, Blockchain technologies, Big Data as well as software engineers who work on making the company the best and high-quality  products on the market

Each participant of this innovative community gets the access to a big number of tools, which will make trading more accurate and successful. The unique constructor of trading strategies is developed specifically for the participants of the community and serves as a great tool for making key decisions. Among the other tools which will be available for the users of the community are trade advisor, scoring of ICOs / IPOs, constructor of machine learning, fundamental and news analysis of the stock and cryptocurrency markets on the module of artificial intelligence.

Recently DataTrading has made an important decision to run the token sale which will give the company an opportunity to develop its community and infrastructure. “Token Sale for DataTrading is an important milestone that will help it to share the company values to the public and present its product that is capable of changing the whole understanding of trade forecasting forever!” Alexander Gandzha, CTO, Data scientist, Cybernetic scientist.

The pre-sale of DataTrading starts on 20 November. The sale will be held in 2 different rounds and is expected to attract the most  progressive traders and people interested in financial markets.

Round A, for the eastern region  will be run between 12.18.2017 and 01.08.2018, round B, for the western region will start on 02.01.2018  and finish on 02.22.2018. The company also elaborated a system of bonuses for the participants: they will get 30% bonus during the pre-sale and 20% during the DataTrading sale.

Everyone can join the community of DataTrading and become top 1% of the most successful traders in the world.

Olena Burutina

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